[Snow Sports] (02/02/20 - 02/07/20) Snowboarding in Zermatt, Switzerland

  • We spent 5 days skiing in Zermatt! (with a rest day in between!)
  • Skiing details
    • We weren't blessed with the weather the first couple days; it was stormy and very windy, so the Matterhorn side was closed. We could ski in the Sunnegga side though! We were definitely anxious to see the Matterhorn but it was nowhere to be found in those two couple cloudy days.
    • From the fourth day (third day skiing), the weather became great, and we were able to see the Matterhorn! One day was spent just enjoying skiing near the Matterhorn glacier. Another day was spent going to and back from the Italy side. And another day was spent taking an off-piste lesson with Bruno who was great! He showed us some good off-piste run near Rothorn that we could not have found on our own. He also equipped us some avalanche transceivers although avalanche risks were pretty low that day. 
    • My favorite part was just the mere fact that I was skiing with Matterhorn so close by. I also very much enjoyed learning about the climbing history of Matterhorn at the Matterhorn museum. 
  • Stay / transportation details
    • We stayed at Maria's AirBnb close to the Gornergrat station.
    • We flew into Zurich and took a train to Zermatt; parts of the train journey was very scenic and enjoyable.
  • Food!
    • Basically we ate a LOT of cheese, chocolate, and croissants. And we ate a lot of bread. The quality of bread in Switzerland in general exceeded my expectations so much. I felt like the grocery store bread at Denner was far better than any bread I might find in Seattle. 
  • Extra
    • After being in Zermatt, we spent a day in Zurich, eating more cheese / chocolate and walking around the town. We also visited ETH main building which was absolutely beautiful. 


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