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[Mountaineering] (08/13/18) Mt. Rainier Summit

I did Mt. Rainier summit with RMI! Program details here Route we took:  Motivation:  When I got to Seattle in the summer of 2017, I thought "hiking" Mt. Rainier would be an iconic thing to do. I only knew a little about mountaineering back then so I had no idea what was actually involved. I saw the RMI program online and signed up to be on the waitlist. In February 2018, while sitting at work, I got an email that I got off the waitlist. I think I was feeling particularly adventurous that day because I just thought "why the hell not!" and signed up.  Well.. when I came home and began to actually look into it (facepalm), I only then realized it was kind of a big deal! Not only were there so much mountaineering knowledge and equipment involved, which were all new to me, I realized that the fitness requirement was no joke. Well... time to train!  Training:  From March 20

[Mountaineering] (06/03/18) Mt. Saint Helens Summit

Route : Trip Details  Sarah and I did this hike in two days! The first day, we arrived at a lodge in a town called Cougar near Mt. Saint Helens. That evening, we did some easy hikes and explored the Ape Caves. Second day, we woke up pretty early to ascend the route.  Going up 5.7K ft is definitely the most I've done in a single day! I didn't have too much weight in my pack though so it didn't feel as hard as doing camp muir with a 45lb pack. I had to use some microspikes and gaiters near the top as it got pretty snow-covered.