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[Mountaineering] (08/13/18) Mt. Rainier Summit

I did Mt. Rainier summit with RMI! Program details here Route we took:  Motivation:  When I got to Seattle in the summer of 2017, I thought "hiking" Mt. Rainier would be an iconic thing to do. I only knew a little about mountaineering back then so I had no idea what was actually involved. I saw the RMI program online and signed up to be on the waitlist. In February 2018, while sitting at work, I got an email that I got off the waitlist. I think I was feeling particularly adventurous that day because I just thought "why the hell not!" and signed up.  Well.. when I came home and began to actually look into it (facepalm), I only then realized it was kind of a big deal! Not only were there so much mountaineering knowledge and equipment involved, which were all new to me, I realized that the fitness requirement was no joke. Well... time to train!  Training:  From March 20