[Climbing] (08/30/2020) Silent Running (5.10b, 7 pitches, Grade III) @ Darrington, WA

Route Details Mountain Project: Difficulty: 5.10b, 7 pitches, Grade III It was supposed to be a "nice, casual Saturday outing on a slab multipitch!" Well, only the "slab multipitch" part was true. For more details, read on..  Getting to the base of the climb... We left Seattle around 7AM! Driving to the TH took about 2 hours, where the last half hour was pretty gravelly on a dirt road. Our Suburu Forester did just fine though. Approach hike was short and pleasant at about 30 minutes. There were some impressive old growth trees en route!  Climb Details  There was a party in front of us, so we waited a bit and began around 11:00AM. We set our turnaround time to 4PM.  I led 5 pitches - 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7. The first pitch (which I followed) felt like a walk in the park - more like incline walking at about ~45-50 degrees. When we began on pitch 2 though, the steepness snuck on me pretty quickly. Suddenly I fou

[Climbing] 2022 Climbing Training / Goals

Year Outline   Dec - mid Jan Dedicated 'off season' training ( mid Jan - mid Feb Performance focused training / climbing  mid Feb - rest of February No climbing, Mostly skiing March  Gym access only  Dedicated 4 week Boulder based training? First half of april Outdoor route climbing only  Mid April - May (1.5 months) Primary focus: Bouldering-based training. Project boulders 1 day on the weekend.  Secondary focus: Route sessions (half day) if dry. Boulder outside (all day): 1 day per week  Route outside (half day) 1 day per week if dry Training days: 1-2 days per week  Total days.. Total boulder outside days (all day): 12-24 days Total route outside days (half): ~8 days Total training days: 12-24 days  June - Aug (3 months) Primary Focus: Projecting routes outside. Secondary focus: Some supplemental training Route climb (half day): 1-2 days mid week Route climb (all day): 1 day per we