[Climbing] (08/09/2020) The Ascentionist (5.10b/c, 6 pitches, Grade II) @ Exit 38, WA

  • Route Details
    • 5.10b/c, 5 pitches, Grade II
    • Link: https://www.mountainproject.com/route/114778289/the-ascentionist
  • Climbing
    • Sometimes you are just feeling the climbs that allows you to be lazy in the morning. I got up and took plenty time to make myself some nice breakfast and coffee. We left Seattle around 9AM and got to the base of this climb around 10AM (40 mins driving and casual 20 mins approach!).
    • Jay led the first pitch and I led the rest. Every pitch felt smooth with the exception of a couple thought-provoking moves on pitch 2 and 3. 
    • On pitch 2, there was a boulder problem off the belay then pretty easy climbing to a big ledge. The ledge had some rap chains which I knew to not belay from and it took me a minute until I found a bolt way to the right of it. Getting off that ledge felt like the crux! 
    • Pitch 3 was very cool - it was very traversey. Traverse to the right, pull off roofs, then traverse back to the left. Cool moves combined with airy-ness made it definitely my favorite pitch.
    • Pitch 5-6 was pretty loose! I had set up a belay, then tested pulling a block of rock which pulled right through. Then on rappels, even though we were being as careful as possible, a few blocks fell out. This climb is fairly new (was established in 2017) and I believe it'll get better with more traffic. I would recommend not doing this climb and checking out other climbs in the area if there's already another party on the route though.
    • All in all, great, non-committing day on a multi-pitch close to home :) 

Top of pitch 5?

Staring at loose blocks of pitch 5-6

Top of the climb! Setting up rappel to begin descending.

Rappelling down pitch 6..

Rappelling down pitch 5...


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