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[Climbing] (09/30/19) Prime Rib Route (5.9-, 11 pitches, Grade III) @ Goat Wall in Mazama, WA

Route Details:  Mountain Project: Difficulty: 5.9-, 11 pitches, Grade III Report:  This summer, we did several other multi-pitch routes - a few at 2-3 pitches and one at 7 pitches ( Condorphamine Addiction @ Leavenworth). Prime Rib was definitely the longest out of all at 11 pitches. How the day went- I found that the climbing itself wasn't difficult at any sections of any pitches. All of it was very enjoyable. It was pretty cold though (low to high 40 degrees throughout the day) which added to the difficulty. My hands and feet were a bit numb at some parts of the climbs. It also had been raining so there were some wet sections which made some slab sections pretty slippery.  I was worried about walking along the ledges to find the base of pitch 3 and 6. It turned out to be no problem though; it was pretty obvious where to go, and the "ledge" actually felt more like a hiking trail with plenty room from the