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[Climbing] 2022 Climbing Training / Goals

Year Outline   Dec - mid Jan Dedicated 'off season' training ( mid Jan - mid Feb Performance focused training / climbing  mid Feb - rest of February No climbing, Mostly skiing March  Gym access only  Dedicated 4 week Boulder based training? First half of april Outdoor route climbing only  Mid April - May (1.5 months) Primary focus: Bouldering-based training. Project boulders 1 day on the weekend.  Secondary focus: Route sessions (half day) if dry. Boulder outside (all day): 1 day per week  Route outside (half day) 1 day per week if dry Training days: 1-2 days per week  Total days.. Total boulder outside days (all day): 12-24 days Total route outside days (half): ~8 days Total training days: 12-24 days  June - Aug (3 months) Primary Focus: Projecting routes outside. Secondary focus: Some supplemental training Route climb (half day): 1-2 days mid week Route climb (all day): 1 day per we