[Climbing] (6/2 - 6/7/19) Taking "Alpinism 2" course and exploring the Washington Pass

Course Link: here

Trip Details!
  • Jay, Nate, Alex and I took a course in Intermediate Alpine Climbing with American Alpine Institute. I said "yo this looks fun!" about half a year ago and they were all down 😅. 
  • We worked with 2 guides - Kevin and Samantha. 
  • First four days, we learned Trad and Multi-pitch climbing skills and summited two peaks in the North Cascades while trad climbing and short pitching. During these days, we camped for 4 nights in the frontcountry.
  • The last couple days - we were aiming to summit the Silver Start Mountain via Silver Start Glacier. We went to the bench camp, camped there in the backcountry on the fifth night, then got up at 3AM for the summit attempt. It was up to us to scramble up and route find in the dark. Unfortunately we got lost a bit and ended up being only in the middle of the glaciers around the turnaround time (8AM). So we had to turn back.
    I had a ton of fun despite never making to the Summit of Silver Star Peak! My favorite part of the course was definitely learning how to do trad multipitch climbs and placing trad gear. And maybe a bit of doing all that alpine start added some spice :-) 

    Look closely.. you might see Alex and Nate with their orange BD helmets :P

    Our crew on Silver Star Glacier!

    View from Silver Star Glacier..

    Washington Pass Views


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